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December 28, 2010

It’s probably not too surprising that I have read Beverly Cleary‘s Ramona books. Therefore when I saw they were making a Beezus and Ramona movie I was ok with it. And since Ramona is four in the book, I thought it would be appropriate to take Frankie to see it.  I am not impressed.  First of all, they condensed the plot of 4 or 5 books into one movie and aged Ramona to make it work.  Not only did this eliminate many of the charming scenes that make Ramona so lovable, it made the movie just a little to old for Frankie, who was very restless once she finished her cotton candy.  I did not like the actress they had playing Ramona and a little too much time was spent on the romance between Aunt Bea and Howie’s uncle (eyecandy!) to really make this movie appealing to young kids. I do realize I have rather high expectations so if you have older kids, it might be worth a try.  

The book, while our first introduction to Ramona, is actually told from Beezus’ point of view.  It is a great book for older siblings as they will relate to the exasperation Beezus feels at having a younger sister who is always causing trouble and getting all the attention.  However, Ramona the Pest and Ramona the Brave hold the most prominent position in my heart.  The movie tried to do a scene with Susan’s boingy curls but it does not live up to the book.  The moviemakers did step up with the scene of Howie and Ramona jumping out of the hole in the house and that is what Frankie remembers from the movie. 


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August 14, 2010

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August 7, 2010

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A Year with Frog & Toad

December 31, 2009

If you are in Sun Valley over the next few days, stop reading this, go to the Company of Fools website, and buy your tickets for one of the remaining performances of “A Year with Frog & Toad”.   Last night we took Sun Valley girl to this incredible show and she was mesmerized and delighted.  It takes something magical to hold a 4 year old’s attention and we are incredibly fortunate to have theatre of this caliber in our small community.  This fun filled musical is based on Arnold Lobel’s classic children’s books and features such fun music I had to buy it from itunes this morning.  Here’s a synopsis from the Company of Fools site: 

A Year With Frog and Toad remains true to the spirit of the original stories as it follows two great friends, the cheerful and popular Frog and the rather naive Toad, through four, fun-filled seasons. Waking from hibernation in the spring, they proceed to plant gardens, swim, rake leaves and go sledding, learning life lessons along the way, including a most important one about friendship and rejoicing in the attributes that make each of us different and special.

A winning combination of appealing music and lyrics by Robert and Willie Reale, and Arnold Lobel’s classic children’s books made A Year with Frog and Toad a Broadway success that earned 2004 Tony nominations for best musical, best book, and best original score.

John Glenn returns to direct the show, with music direction by R.L. Rowsey and choreography by Leslie Harrington. Original cast members Andrew Alburger also returns as Toad. Completing the cast are Cliff Todd, Rachel Abrams, Cheryl Morrell and John Glenn.

A big “Bravo” to the cast and their animal antics! Company of Fools does so much for the children in our community. From special story times at the libraries, workshops, and of course marvelous, professional performances for all ages.   Make sure you check their calendar regularly for upcoming “foolishness”.